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Project Management

Start date or Starting Event: 1



The project management will guarantee the targeted and efficient development of the project objectives. Furthermore the project management will ensure the quality of the work and findings by a peer-review based quality management system. The interests of stakeholders are incorporated by the implementation of a Stakeholder Advisory Board.


Description of work

The success of the project depends on the introduction of a well-studied and coherent management structure, that can be described as follows:

  • Task 8.1 – SCIENTIFIC GENERAL COORDINATOR  (SGC) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The Scientific General Coordinator is responsible for directing the scientific activity and  the scientific research and supervising the overall management and operation of the project.
    He is the first contact point for any scientific or technical problems and is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission.

  • Task 8.2 – SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY PANEL (SAP) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The SAP will be in charge of providing expert advice on the scientific/technical issues. It will be composed by up to three members.
    The SAP will be chaired by the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Panel (CSAP), appointed by the SC.

  • Task 8.3 – PROJECT MANAGER (PM) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The Project Manager will be responsible for the punctual delivery of the reports and the outcomes. PM will have a major involvement throughout the duration of the project, through the following actions:
  • supervising the organization of meeting and event;
  • organize interaction with bodies and institution in the interest of the project
  • identifying changes and handling change control;
  • ensuring co-operation among partners, anticipating and managing potential conflicts;
  • managing project budgets across all partners.

  • Task 8.4 – PROJECT OFFICE (PO) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The Project Office (PO) involving administrative and other personnel at POLITO, Department of Electrical Engineering, will be responsible for the efficient administration of the project. Its main tasks will be the following:
  • handling the financial, legal and administrative aspects of the project and establishing the necessary infrastructure (monitoring mechanism, management handbook, consortium agreement, analytical accounting systems);
  • administrating the internal consortium structure along with formal administrative arrangements with the EC (such as reports gathering and submission, etc.);
  • supporting the evolution of the workplans (time-plan of the tasks, milestones);
  • supporting the meetings of the project’s committees (preparation, agenda, support during the meetings, circulation of minutes, presentations and proceedings);
  • ensuring a careful monitoring process (through periodic activity and management reports);
  • handling the financial aspects of the project (budget and payments).

The PO will be head by a Project Administrative Coordinator (PAC)

  • Task 8.5 – DISSEMINATION MANAGER (DM) (Leading Partner: Delo)
    The DM will be responsible for elaborating the overall dissemination strategy of SESAME, for fostering and collecting the SAB advices concerning dissemination and for organising the major dissemination events (2 stakeholder workshops and the final stakeholder Conference). The DM will report to the SC about  the status of the dissemination.

  • Task 8.6 – STEERING COMMITTEE (SC) (Leading Partner: EI-JKU)
    The SC is the strategic body of the Consortium and  the ultimate decision-making body.
    The main tasks of the SC are:
  • co-ordination of the overall activities and identification of general strategies;
  • yearly supervision of the project activities;
  • definition of the progress monitoring criteria that each WP leader will use to control the activity execution;
  • definition of an efficient partnership communication channel and self-assessment methodology;
  • ecisions on reviews and/or amendments of the terms of the Grant Agreement.
  • re-defining the workplan calendar after the initial date of the project ;
  • agreeing on procedures in accordance with the Commission contractual rules;
  • deciding upon major changes in Work Packages;
  • deciding upon the allocation of the Project budget to the project activities, when needed;
  • reviewing budget modifications in accordance with the Contract and decide about  review and/or amendment of the terms of the Grant Agreement.

The SC is composed by:

  • the SGC of the project
  • one  member for each partner, delegated as a representative  by his/her Institution/Company

The SC is chaired  by the SGC.
To the meetings of the SC may take parte the project manager (PM), Project Administrative Coordinator (PAC) and the dissemination manager (DM)  without right of vote. Other members of the Executive board can be invited without right of vote in case of need.

  • Task 8.7 – EXECUTIVE BOARD (EB) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The executive board is composed by the leaders of each Work Package and by the Dissemination Manager. The Chair of the EB will be appointed by the SGC. At least once per year, the European Commission will be invited to a meeting of the EB in order to keep them informed on the progress within the project.
    Each WP Leader, member of the board, is responsible for:
    • the co-ordination of the activities implemented under his/her responsibility;
    • the monitoring of the resources allocated;
    • the organization of the special events and meetings under its field of activities;
    • the collection and timing submission of the deliverables under his/her responsibility.

The EB, as a whole, would be responsible for:

    • monitoring the status of the work in all WPs;
    • assuring the coordination among different WPs;
    • propose to the SC actions in case of failure of some partners in delivering the required deliverables;


  • Task 8.8 – STAKEHOLDER ADVISORY BOARD (SAB) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The Stakeholder Advisory Board  is composed by a selected number of manufacturers, regulators, transmission system operators, utilities, university and research centres in the electricity sector that will ensure a continuous and suitable interaction with key entities involved into the sector. These entities will participate in the Work Sessions that will be organised during the project implementation in order to provide their expertise and contribute with the “real-life” experience whenever an important subject occurs during the project implementation. The SAB  members will participate, with the project partners, in ad-hoc sub sessions aiming at reviewing the work progress in specific energy sectors. They will also contribute to suggest dissemination actions as these described in the dissemination plan. Travel and accommodation costs for the experts of the Advisory Board are included into the POLITO budget.
    Presently the SAB is composed by 14 members; additional members may be included permanently or invited when specific issues are discussed.

  • Task 8.9 – SECURITY CONSULTING BOARD (SCB) (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    The SCB will both advice the consortium in the scientific research on malicious attacks and in detecting and handling information that eventually will be considered subject to security clearance requirements. The SCB will provide directions and guidelines with which all the partners of the Consortium must comply.



The project management will interact on a continuous basis. Results are discussed in meetings and decisions are communicated by the protocols of the meetings. Nevertheless, the project management will not produce deliverables for public use.
Management activities are reported to the Commission through periodic progress reports on a yearly basis.