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Start date or Starting Event: 1



The dissemination of the results ensures that the stakeholders and the expert audience recognise the existence of the DSS and shows its ability to secure the European power infrastructure.
We address stakeholders from: transmission and distribution system operators and their professional association (ENTSO), power generation facilities, national authorities in charge of the security of critical infrastructures, national regulatory authorities and their European associations (ACER, CEER, ERGEG), manufacturers of infrastructure equipment, manufacturers of IT components and services in critical infrastructures, and the European Committee for Standardization.  Representatives of most of these institutions are already involved in SESAME, in their role as core participants or as members of the Stakeholder Advisory Board. If needed others will be contacted by the start of the project.Certain tasks of the project will benefit regarding their quality if feedback from manufacturers of the power grid equipment is incorporated. To ensure this feedback, two manufacturers already participating in the Stakeholder Advisory Board, will be involved in the project on a more regular basis with dedicated meetings for analyzing the possible interactions and the interest of the manufacturers in the results of SESAME. These are Alstom and Siemens.
Furthermore, the project consortium will establish liaisons with other projects concerning the improvement of the security of supply with energy. A link has been established with the EUSECON project, thanks to EI-JKU, that is working also in this project. Additionally, a link for continuous information exchange with the Next Generation Infrastructures (NGI) whose Scientific Director is already member of the projects Stakeholder Advisory Board.


Description of work

On the whole, project dissemination is coordinated by an appointed dissemination manager (DM), who will sit in the project executive board with voting right. The DM will be responsible for elaborating the overall dissemination strategy of SESAME, for fostering and collecting the SAB advice concerning dissemination and for organising the major dissemination events (2 stakeholder workshops and the final stakeholder Conference).
The SESAME dissemination strategy document will inform all dissemination actions of SESAME. It will leverage on the outcome of WP2, where the impact of power system disruptions is assessed, and on the outcome of WP3, where the standpoints for a comprehensive regulatory systems are established, to be tailored towards the two most important stakeholder categories, transmission system operators and national regulatory authorities. The dissemination strategy document will be periodically revised on a yearly basis and occasionally on the achievement of major project milestones (completion of WP3, WP6 and WP7).

  • Task 9.1 – Development of a website for the Project (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    A new website will be developed in order to promote the communication among the partners (restricted area) and to provide information to general audience.
    The site will contain the following features:
    • restricted area. (for information among the partners and the EC-REA);
    • effective web-based information and working space where information and knowledge can be shared among interested citizens, technical experts and businesspeople;
    • information provided along with the support of deeper discussions and considerations as well as links to resources related to the scope of the Project;
    • printable dissemination documents in electronic format;
    • constant updates during the whole life of the Project;
    • ‘contact us’ and FAQ sections.

  • Task 9.2 – The Project Newsletter (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    A regular newsletter in electronic format that will provide updated information to interested parties and individuals, at least twice per year.

  • Task 9.3 – Technology Platforms (Leading Partner: PoliTo)
    Dissemination in Technological Platforms where Project members participate.
    All participants are members of several Technological Platforms, being relevant for the Project. The diversification of disciplines of the scientific partners and the key positions of the industrial partners in their branches ensure broad recognition of the project SESAME.
    Specific presentation sessions will be organized in order to make known the project results among the other members of the Technological Platforms.

  • Task 9.4 – Participation in International Fairs and Conferences (Leading Partner: INDRA)
    Participation in established international Fairs related to the objectives of the project  in order to present the project achievements progress, influence and receive feedback from target groups, i.e. future investors, utilities, public bodies, etc.Examples are:
    • CIRED
    • POWERGRID Europe

Moreover, participation in International Conference on Infrastructure Systems & Services (organized yearly by Next Generation Infrastructure Foundation) and in IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, both providing relevant platform for knowledge dissemination with academic partners, is foreseen.

  • Task 9.5 – Stakeholder Dissemination (Leading Partner: Deloitte)
    Beside the regular interaction with a relatively small number of key stakeholders, the project outcomes will be presented to a broad audience in the last phase of the project.
    Based on the outcome of its trial applications ad on the advice of its SAB, towards the end of the project SESAME will deploy an important dissemination campaign (based both on presentations and colloquia with targeted stakeholders and the organisation of two targeted workshops and of on a final stakeholder Conference), so as to effectively convey to stakeholders the benefits related to adopting its technologies.

  • Task 9.6 – Transfer of the Results (Leading Partner: Deloitte)
    In order to assess the potential for transferability of the SESAME results to industry, we must first identify what is the customer base for the outcome of the project. We address stakeholders like: transmission and distribution system operators and their professional association (ENTSO-E), power generation utilities, national authorities in charge of the security of critical infrastructures, national regulatory authorities and their European associations (ACER, CEER, ERGEG), security bodies in general. Those might be the end users of products and services based on the outcome of SESAME.
    Transfer of the results of the SESAME project is therefore based on the participants and related stakeholders. Depending on the results of tasks 1.2 and 5.1, Deloitte will establish a selling plan. The potential customers at this moment are:
    • private energy market players;
    • national regulation bodies and ACER;
    • national security groups responsible of critical infrastructures.

This value will be exploited since the beginning of the package 2 (month 4) and the exploitation will be maintained from this point in advance. Exploitation activity of the tool is expected to start from month 14, six months earlier than the development process begins (month 20), and it is estimated to be continued during at least one year after the end of the project (month 48).



  • Del 9.1– The Project Website
    The main Deliverable of the Workpackage Dissemination is the website. This website will be complemented by the printable Deliverables of the other work packages that will be published on the site.
    Security Sensitive: NO

  • Del 9.2 – The Project Newsletter
    The Newsletter will inform stakeholders at least twice per year about the progress of the project.
    Security Sensitive: NO

  • Del 9.3 Dissemination strategy.
    This strategy will be drafted on the completion of the first year of the project and then periodically revised on a yearly basis and occasionally on the achievement of major project deliverables (completion of WP3, WP6 and WP7)
    Security Sensitive: NO

  • Del 9.4 Stakeholder workshop reports.
    These reports will summarise the outcome of the two workshops organised by the project with transmission system operators and the regulating authorities.
    Security Sensitive: NO